What has Tulsi done to help impeach Trump?

154 members of congress have now officially announced support for impeachment inquiries, based on a conspiracy theory triggered by an anonymous source.

And while the political gossip peddlers wonder out loud about why Tulsi doesn’t seem to have the will or desire to impeach Donald Trump, I’d like to know why other members of congress have failed to support legislation that Tulsi Gabbard has introduced, that would have kicked him out of the White House a long time ago.

Together, with the late Walter Jones, Tulsi introduced H.Res.1069, affirming that the use of the U.S. Armed Forces without congressional authorization is illegal and unconstitutional; and H.Res.1069, which prohibits the President from making the United States a co-belligerent in an ongoing war without a congressional declaration, and which triggers an automatic impeachment vote if violated.

 If Democrats really wanted to impeach Donald Trump, they would have done so over his illegal and unconstitutional military strikes against Syria. Why haven’t they?

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