Kamala surrogate and other DNC operatives accuse Tulsi Gabbard of being a traitor.

Kamala’s surrogate, Bakari Sellers, shocked this morning’s CNN panel about tonight’s DNC debate, when he  accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a puppet for the Russian government.

The same accusation is flying about social media right now, with Russia “experts” like Andrea Chalupa insisting that Tulsi be called out on the debate stage for the ways her agenda supposedly aligns with Russia’s… mainly, for the way she is “inserting chaos” into our politics.

It is true that the Russian Federation aims to foment chaos in America. But what these “experts” continuously fail to tell us, is how. Based on what’s described in Foundations of Geopolitiks… whose actions do you think actually align with Russia’s agenda? Cuz it ain’t Tulsi’s.

Asked why he says Tulsi is a Putin Puppet, Sellers mentioned her supposed “admiration” for Assad. It’s always about Assad.

Is now a good time to remind people that the Putin Puppet Meme was started by McMullin and Mensch, who took advantage of anti-Russia hysteria to get Democrats on board with our illegal mission to overthrow Assad? And that this used to be something *only* the Republicans said, before Tulsi started pushing for party reform and the Dem Elite needed something to hold over on her?

So, you know, go ahead and keep parroting Republican talking points, DNC. Well done.

Here’s a reminder of where the Democratic party stood on Syria and Assad, before they threw their values under the bus, just to /p/own Tulsi Gabbard.

An amusing aside: Mensch was the one who came up with the cringeworthy “I’m with Her” slogan for Hilary, before she became a surrogate for McMullin.

What, exactly, is Tulsi Gabbard up to? She’s trying to prevent this from happening again:

She is demanding real debates, poll transparency, campaign finance reform (even banning PACS), an end to corporate civil rights, abolishment of superdelegates, restoration of the Fairness Doctrine and secure elections.

Tulsi Gabbard has been working to end party corruption since 2016, and is working hard to ensure free and fair elections in America. That is what she is up to. The real question is… what, exactly, is the DNC up to?